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Right down the line.

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Thank you to the members of On The Grid Financial.

For those of you who joined us after June 8, 2015, you may sometimes hear us referred to as Georgia Power Federal Credit Union. As a credit union that serves only members in the Electric Utility Industry, that was our name for 80 years. But since we serve members in 11 different states, we thought On The Grid Financial would resonate better with our entire field of members and potential members outside of Georgia.

We launched our new brand position at the same time. “Right down the line” is the perfect embodiment of our mission and our members in so many ways:

  • Our members keep things right down the line for power company customers. We want to make sure we do the same for you via great loan rates, high yields on deposits, special promotions and reduced or eliminated fees.
  • Joining On The Grid Financial is a 50/50 partnership. Every member is also an owner of the credit union and has an equal vote in Board of Directors elections.
  • Right down the line means we’ll be here for our members through every life stage—first car, first home, getting married, having children, next car, bigger home, retirement, and more.
  • We also offer the same support to your lineage. Our members’ family members can join the credit union and take advantage of all the same great products and services you enjoy.
  • If you need us, we’re right down the line for you—only a phone call, email or web click away.

We invite you to watch this short video about our rebrand and new brand positioning statement.