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Online Banking

VISA<sup>®</sup> Debit Card

Shop online, in person, or by phone—right from your checking account.

If you have an On The Grid Financial checking account, you can also enjoy the convenience of a VISA® Debit Card. It lets you shop in person, online, or by phone—and the amount is immediately deducted from your checking account.

Checking & Savings

Your On The Grid Financial VISA® Debit Card:

  • Is free when you open any OTGF Checking Account
  • Is accepted everywhere you see the VISA® logo
  • Lets you shop and pay at the same time without incurring debt
  • Doubles as your ATM card. So you can get cash at ATMs around the nation
  • Allows easy record keeping of purchases
  • Is safer than carrying cash
  • Lets you choose your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use with ATM transactions
  • Offers Alerts powered by VISA®
  • Comes with VISA® Network Zero Liability

New VISA® Debit Card Features:

Apple Pay logo Apple Pay™

Samsung Pay Samsung Pay™

Google Pay Google Pay™

Greater shopping convenience, without a fee.

A note about “holds”: Debit cards are a convenient way to pay, instead of using cash. However, some purchases are better accomplished using a credit card, such as when making car rentals and hotel reservations, at restaurants or pay-at-the-pump gas stations—any purchase that is not for a pre-determined amount. These transactions often result in a “hold” placed on your checking account for a larger amount than your initial purchase that may not clear for several days. These “holds” lower your available balance and can keep you from making another needed purchase.

1. Are there daily transaction limits?

Daily transaction limits may apply. There are no usage fees when you use your VISA® Debit Card at merchants in the U.S. For transactions outside the U.S. or in a Foreign Currency—what are considered “Cross-Border” transactions—you will be assessed fees of up to 1.00% of the transaction amount. See our Truth in Savings Act Rate and Fee Schedule and Membership Agreement and Disclosure

2. Do I get points for using the card?

No, we do not have a rewards program associated with the debit card.

3. What is the difference between VISA® Debit and VISA® Credit Cards?

Credit is a loan that you must pay back with interest (when applicable). Debit is tied directly to your checking account so when using your debit card you are using your own money.