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Setting Up Direct Deposit

No need to stand in line.

You’re a busy person with things to do, and being idle isn’t one of them. By using Direct Deposit*, you’ll fill out a little bit of paperwork once then never have to stand in line or worry about making a paycheck or regularly issued check deposit again. And having your money electronically posted to your account is much safer and more reliable than receiving paper checks. Plus, you’ll have access to your money several days earlier, and you’ll never have to worry about checks getting lost, damaged or stolen.

To get started, download and complete this Direct Deposit Form and submit it to your employer. Our routing number is 261071412 and is already included on the form. Your account number can be obtained from your checks, or you can verify it with us by calling 1.800.360.6362.

To set up Direct Deposit of Social Security or other Federal Benefits Payments, visit

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Direct Deposit is defined as NET pay after taxes and deductions—an allocation is not sufficient. OTGF maintains the right to verify via a recent pay stub.