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Just as you’re getting used to being on your own, along comes that special someone with whom you want to share your journey through life. Then, life’s milestones start coming at a pretty fast clip: a new car, a few pets, a roomier home, a kid or two, a bigger vehicle, a bigger house, saving for college, and the list goes on.

Hey. Even if you don’t get married or have kids, the fact is you’re still going to face lots of changes over the years. Here are a few of the more important things you’ll need to know about.

Understanding your Credit Score.

How much do you know about your credit score and how critical it is to almost every aspect in your life? It’s one of the most important numbers you’ll ever have. A low score can keep you from getting approved for a loan or from being able to rent an apartment. And it will probably cost you more in insurance premiums, loan rates and can even prevent you from being considered for a job.

When creditors look at what is known as your FICO® score, they are generally trying to figure our your “creditworthiness,” or your ability to pay them back. The higher your score, the lower a risk you are. And typically that means you’ll also qualify for a lower loan interest rate.

Here’s a general guideline of how creditors rate you based on your credit score:

FICO ccore chart

This online booklet called Understanding Your FICO® Score can provide you with thorough details on what makes up your credit sore and how it can impact your life. We encourage all of our members to review this valuable resource to understand just how important a credit score is and how you can establish and protect it.

If you’ve already experienced some setbacks that have damaged your credit score, don’t give up hope. With some commitment and time, you can rebuild your credit and increase your score. In fact, On The Grid Financial can get you on the road to credit recovery. One of the ways is with our Credit Builder Loan. We have other ways to help as well. So, give us a call and let’s make a plan together.

Your next vehicle.
If shopping for a new vehicle is an upcoming milestone, Edmunds New and Used Car Information and NADA Vehicle Pricing Guides are both valuable websites on just about everything vehicular.

You always have the option of refinancing your current loan. In fact, you can refinance at any time during the life of your loan to provide yourself with greater control of your budget.

If you refinance to a lower rate or a longer term, your monthly payment will be less than it is now, and you’ll have more money to spend each month. If your goal is to be auto loan payment free in a few years, refinance to a shorter term. Yes, you’ll pay more each month, but your loan will be paid off earlier. And a bonus: You’ll also pay less overall in interest.

We can help you decide if it makes good financial sense to refinance your current vehicle loan. Visit our Auto Loans page to learn more about what we have to offer.

Buying your first home.
The “My Credit Union” website has an entire section devoted to Home Ownership and Mortgages that should prove quite useful to you in understanding the pro’s, the con’s and the process.

You can also review the Mortgages we offer, so when you’re ready to take the plunge into home ownership, you’ll already be familiar with what we can do for you.

Having a place of your own is generally considered an excellent investment, and you’ll undoubtedly create a lot of happy memories in your home. A note of caution here: Make sure you don’t spend so much on your mortgage that you don’t have the money for other goals like new vehicles, remodeling projects or even retirement. Before you get started, let’s talk about your options and then get you pre-qualified for the right loan amount for your budget and goals.