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Overdraft Protection

Keeping you safe from overdraft fees.

On The Grid Financial offers two different kinds of Overdraft Protection to safeguard your Checking Account from being overdrawn: Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection and Personal Line of Credit Overdraft Protection.

Checking & Savings

  • Courtesy Pay
  • Personal Line of Credit

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection protects you from service charges if you accidentally overdraw your Checking Account (up to $600). After your OTGF Checking Account has been in good standing for 60 days, you will receive a letter notifying you Courtesy Pay has been set up. You may choose to opt out of it at this time. It is provided automatically, without needing to fill out an application.

Courtesy pay is only available on one checking account per social security number. It is not available on minor checking accounts even when an adult is on the account.

Personal Line of Credit

Personal Line of Credit Overdraft Protection covers your OTGF Checking Account automatically in increments of $100 to cover non-sufficient funds, or you can draw on your line of credit for any reason to advance yourself a loan, up to the total amount of your approved limit. You do need to apply for this line of credit by calling us, but there is no application fee and no fees are charged when you access the line. You are charged interest on the loan but not the $35 NSF fee.

When you need an advance on your line of credit, simply pay interest on the outstanding balance when you make a payment on the loan. We will review your line of credit and its status every two years (minimum).

We do not provide Line of Credit Loan checks, so any money drawn against your Line of Credit will have to be transferred to your OTGF Checking Account.


Protecting you from unnecessary fees and providing you with good financial back up plans are just a couple of the ways that we’re here to help you. We’re Right Down The Line whenever you need us.