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Online Banking

Checking & Savings

Get the most out of your money.

Of course we have Checking and Savings Accounts to help you conveniently manage your money. But we offer all kinds of other products to give you even greater control of your financial future.

For example, we’ve got Money Market Accounts and Certificates to help you earn a higher return on your deposits. We offer Club Accounts for those short-term objectives and Individual Retirement Accounts to put your long-term goals into play. We’ve even got special accounts just for the Young Savers in your family.

In addition, we’ll also provide you with the convenience of a VISA® Debit Card with your Checking Account, and we can add Overdraft Protection to make sure you don’t get penalized for accidentally overdrawing your account. We can also assist in Setting Up Direct Deposit so your paychecks are automatically posted to your account with no further effort on your part, and we offer Wire Transfer Instructions in case you ever need to send or receive money electronically.

Checking & Savings