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AMP up your Employee Benefits Program.

It is so difficult to find experienced and dependable employees. It’s even harder to hold on to them if you can’t provide the benefits they need and want to reach their financial goals. How can you AMP up your Employee Benefits Package with minimal to no effort on your part? AMP (Awesome Member Perks) from On The Grid Financial is here to help, and it won’t cost you a penny to get started.

Check out this short video to see how AMP will work for you and your employees.

We believe in being right down the line for our members.
That’s why we’ve designed AMP, a package of financial products and services that benefits you, the employer, as well as your employees. With AMP, forward thinkers like yourself can strengthen your benefits program and provide a range of smart financial resources, special promotions and real ease of use for your employees. Plus, all of your employees are immediately eligible to take advantage of these benefits as soon as you partner with us.

On The Grid Financial

What can AMP offer your employees?


For more information about AMP, email Kenny Lewis at or call him at 757.746.7685.